Administering Punishments

The other night I came across a post by which an s-type admitting to having done something against her d-type’s wishes.  The punishment administered was to masturbate in public at multiple locations.

I know we all approach the lifestyle differently and there’s no one way to do the things we do …. but really?

How is masturbating a punishment?

I completely get that this might be how some folks see punishments as being, but I just don’t agree with it for my relationships.  What’s the lesson to be learned in the final analysis?

* Do something against the d-type wishes (break a rule, command, whatever)
* Be told to masturbate as punishment

Lesson learned … is …. break more rules and commands so that masturbational activity can continue?

It’s okay if your dynamic swarms around fun-ishments … and if in the colloquial analysis you want to call them punishments – then I suppose that’s up to you.  Personally, I don’t like it when my s-types do something against my wishes.  It’s more important to me to find out why things didn’t happen and to fix those things – rather than giving them some masturbation exercise that really doesn’t teach them anything.

I’m not sure how the fun-ishers deal with things they want changed … if they are dangling masturbation and other acts as “punishments.”  It makes things complicated and inconsistent.  Does the rationale rest in trying to keep the dynamic from going too deep?  How does fun-ishments reinforce the things those d-types want their s-types to do?